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Princeton is located in Blandford-Blenheim Township, Oxford County, Ontario. It is about half way between Paris and Woodstock, Ontario on Highway No. 2. Blenheim Township, Oxford County is on the North side of the Highway and Burford Township, Brant County is on the South side of the highway. The centre townline or County Road 3, is the Main Street of the town and runs North from Highway No. 2. Population is about 500.
Latitude 43 deg 10 min, longitude 80 deg 32 min.

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Books on Princeton, Ontario

Please contact the Princeton and District Historical Society to see if copies are available.
Princeton and District Historical Society, Princeton, Ontario N0J 1V0

Princeton, Ontario Bicentennial 1793-1993:

A great old boys reunion was held in July 1993. Princeton was founded by Thomas Watson and his cousin Thomas Hornor of Princeton, N.J.

Col. Thomas Hornor founder of Princeton, Ontario

Princeton was founded by Thomas Watson and his cousin Thomas Hornor of Princeton, N.J. The settlement started in 1793 was first know as the Governor's Road Settlement. It was later renamed as Princeton to commemorate Thomas Hornor's hometown of Princeton, N.J. The first official Post Office was established on May 6, 1836 and Jeremiah Cowin was appointed postmaster on May 9, 1837

The Descendants of Anthony Horner of Yorkshire, England

11 Generation Chart

Blenheim Township Minute Book 1822-1844, edited by Edward Kipp

Originally published as Able Mudge Founder of Ayr Was Blenheim Township Assessor in 1822.
The Ayr News, Vol. 77 (No. 30), p. 1, July 25, 1974.

Township Officials 1822-1844

Ear Marks 1822-1859

Overseers of Highways or Pathmasters 1822-1844

A Study of The Early Development of Roads in Blenheim Township, Oxford County, Ontario
Note: This is a 2 MB pdf file.

The Post Offices at Princeton, Woodbury, and Gobles, Ontario, by Edward Kipp

This is an article I researched and wrote for the Tweedsmuir History of Princeton. It was last updated about 1980.

Originally published as A History of the Post Office at Princeton. The Ayr News, Vol. 78(No. 4), p. 8-A, Jan. 30, 1975.

Republished with illustrations by Robert C. Smith in 2003.
Postal History Society of Canada Journal, No. 115, p. 29-38, September 2003.

Princeton Poetess

Gertrude MacGregor Moffat grew up at"...Princeton, Ont., a quiet town in the middle of that graciously beautiful county of Oxford which is the inspiration of much of her verse..." Her book, The Book of Verses, was published in 1950.

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