Peter Parlee Sr. June 13, 1736 - 1821

Peter was baptized in the Dutch Reformed Church, Port Richmond, Staten Island, N.Y. He was located in Durham Twp., Bucks Co., Pennsylvania before the American Revolution.

In a petition to the Commissioner appointed to enquire into the losses and services of all said persons who have suffered in their Rights, Properties and Possessions during the late unhappy dissensions in America in consequence of their Loyalty to His Majesty, and attachment to the British Government etc., Peter Parlier indicates he is from Bucks County in the Province of Pennsylvania, and is now, March 1786, in the County of York, in the Province of New Brunswick. He lists the property lost to the Americans. After suffering grievous persecutions and abuses he enlisted as a private soldier in the British Army in April 1777 with the 2nd Battalion of New Jersey Volunteers commanded by Col Allen, and served there until the Battalion was disbanded. In April 1779 he was employed in the Existing Service and was taken prisoner and robbed of 40 pounds. In 1781 he was taken prisoner again and confined three months and was at the expense of at least 30 pounds. He was frequently employed in dangerous and arduous Services. He further states he was unable to apply earlier due to the fact he was in actual service in the King's Army from July 15, 1783 to October 24, 1783, and that from the said 24th to March 28 1784 he resided in the Province of New Brunswick. He was now with his wife and children and reduced to poverty. The petition was heard in May 1786. The outcome is not clear but the petition does not appear to have been rejected. He settled in Sussex, King's Co., New Brunswick.

Source: National Archives of Canada, mf B-2423, Claims, American Loyalists, Part III, P.A.O. 13, vol. 57, p.# 372,3.

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