A Loyalist Bibliography


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Primary Sources

National Archives of Canada

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British Headquarters Papers.
Chipman Papers.

Public Archives of Ontario

Upper Canada Land Petitions - RG 1, L3.
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Township Papers.
Computerised Land Records Index.

Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

Land Petitions - RG10 RS108 and RS272.
Land Grants - RG10 RS686.
Land Deeds or Registry Office Records - RG9 RS92.

Public Archives of Nova Scotia

United States

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     Albany County Sessions, 1778-1781. Albany, NY: Published by the State of New York, 1909.
Records of Oppression, Confiscations, etc. State Papers in respective state
    capitals. (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont).

Published Sources


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Losses & Claims

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Nova Scotia

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New Brunswick

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Upper Canada, Ontario

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