Johannes Gottfried (John) Link 1756 - 1842

Johannes Gottfried (John) Link 1756 - 1842
m. Anna Maria (Mary) Empey March 12, 1770 - alive 1851

Johann(es) Gottfried(t) Link was baptized on April 10, 1756 at the Stone Arabia Trinity Lutheran Church (SATL) at Stone Arabia, Montgomery County, New York. The minister then was John Friederich Ries. The sponsors were Johannes Spangenberg, Johann Gottfried Klein and Catharina Kleinin.

Mary was baptized on March 12, 1770 at Stone Arabia Trinity Lutheran at Stone Arabia, New York. The minister was then Theophilus Engeland. The sponsors were Andraeas Reber and wife. She was the last born and youngest daughter of Philip Empey Sr., a NY farmer. Philip was born in 1732 to Johannes and Elizabeth Schnell Empey (Emichen/Emigen) and they had 8 sons and 3 daughters - 6 of their sons served in the King's Royal Regiment of New York (KRRNY). Philip Snr's wife Maria Elizabeth Barbara Schultsin was badly beaten by the colonists in August 1777 and died at Schenectady, NY in 1779. Philip Sr. was a private in the KRRNY, Battalion 1. He inlisted on May 22, 1780. He was in Captain Patrick Daly's Company 1781-3. In 1784 he had drawn lots for land in Royal Township #2 (Cornwall). Maria was just about disinherited by her father's will unless she "came to live in this Province." She did as per the Upper Canada Land Patents, though not for much as the estate amounted to approximately 15 cash. Most of Philip's children were named as Executors of the estate but refused to act "for various reasons."

When Mary applied for land (OC Dec. 22, 1797 and Jan. 5, 1798) there was another Mary Link, wife of Matthew Link, daughter of Martin Waldorf Sr. and wife Leana, who had applied for land also (OC Jan. 5, 1798). The land applied for by Mary Empey was lot 20 concession 11 of Winchester Township and was given to Mary Waldorf on Nov. 12, 1801 (acted upon on June 5, 1798) and it took 18 years for Mary Empey to get the mistake rectified.

John Link, a NY farmer, served in the KRRNY, Battalion 1, inlisting on May 22, 1780. He was in Captain John Munro's Company in 1781. In 1782-83 he was in the Light Infantry Company commanded by Captain Samuel Anderson. He had drawn lots for land by 1784 in Royal Township #2 (Cornwall). John received a land patent for 100 acres of lot 6 concession 5, north half, Cornwall Township on August 1, 1807. He had a saw mill east of St. Andrews on the Riviere-aux-raisons. In his will dated Sept. 1, 1832, he gave his lands and possessions to his family as follows. He gave his wife Mary lot 6 concession 5 of Cornwall Township, Stormont County, where they resided, with all stock and household furniture, along with the Grist mill on one acre of lot 5 concession 5. His son Michael was to have these on her death. He gave his son Noah Dickinson 3A of the NE corner of lot 6 concession 5 where he has a Tannery. He was also to support his sister Betsey until she marries. To his children Betsey, Mrs. Polly (Dale) Teal, Mrs. Catherine Myers, Mathews and John he gave 200A in Winchester Township and 200A of lot 10 concession 7 of Williamsburgh Township to be equally divided. The executors of the will were Phillip Van Houghnett and George Anderson of the Township of Cornwall. The witnesses were Angus McDonald, Angus McDonald and John McDonald of the Township of Cornwall. The will was registered by Michael Link on July 20, 1842 as being an accurate representation of John Link's wishes. It was signed and sealed in the presence of John MacDonald and Alex McLean. In 1851 Mary (age 83) was living in Cornwall Township with her son Michael. Children: (12)


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