Speculation on the Ancestry of Hannah Meed.

Hannah Meed (Aug. 11, 1770 - Mar. 24, 1859)
m. Isaac Kipp (Nov. 1, 1764 - Aug. 6, 1846)

Hannah Meed was living with her youngest son Daniel in Burford Township, Brant County, Ontario in the 1851 Census for Canada West. She indicated she was born in the U.S.A.

The family bible indicates that Isaac Kipp and Hannah Meed were married August 29, 1790. This Bible was the property of the Richard Titus Kipp family (a son of Hannah and Isaac).

If they did come from Dutchess County, Northeast Town, there are several Mead families listed in the early records. In the 1790 Census, Nathaniel Mead is four above and Jonathan Mead is next to Isaac Kipp on the Census list. Nathaniel's will clearly lists all of his children and Hannah is not mentioned. Jonathan Mead does not leave any paper trail other than a book written by Lucius Egbert Weaver which was a supplement to the "History and Genealogy of the Mead Family of Fairfield County, Connecticut, Eastern New York, Western Vermont and Western Pennsylvania from A.D. 1180 to 1900", by Spencer P. Mead, 1901. In his book Lucius Weaver indicates that Jonathan (married to Ruth _____) had seven children including one daughter "Anna." The names of the children tended to be nicknames so there is a possibility that Anna is Hannah. As further proof to Weaver's documentation, the school list for 1795 lists the younger children of Jonathan (as well as the children of Nathaniel Mead) who were attending the local school. This list did not include Anna. Hannah by 1795 was 25 years old and married with four sons!.

Nathaniel Mead's only living son was named Richard Titus (b 1787) and he is on the school list mentioned earlier. Hannah and Isaac Kipp named their first son born in Ontario in 1808 Richard Titus Kipp (their ninth child).

The Mead Research Group (125 Meads) has been looking at the Mead Family in the United States and Canada for about ten years and one of the members is descended from a William Mead (Dutchess County) b 1782 and this date would fit into the family of Jonathan Mead in that Weaver lists one of the sons as William. This family is known to have moved on to Idaho in the early 1790s.

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Updated May 29, 2009