An Index to the 1786 McNiff Maps
of the Townships of Lancaster, Charlottenburgh, Cornwall,
Osnabruck, Williamsburgh and Matilda (the Loyalist Maps)

by Edward Kipp & George Anderson.

The CD-ROM is provided for use on one owner's computer only. All rights reserved.
All files are in PDF format. The files can be read either on a MAC or PC provided you have
Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

This CD-ROM contains the following:
- a master alphabetic index to the McNiff Maps.
- a concession and lot index for each township.
- copies of the maps by township.

The Price is:
Canadian: $10.00 per CD including S/H
If you wish to pay in US dollars please contact me.

To Order:
Send your order and payment to:

Edward Kipp
6242 Paddler Way
Orleans, Ontario Canada K1C 2E7
(Make your cheque or money order payable to E Kipp).

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Updated May 29, 2009